Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation of Personal Information, LICE S.L. states:

I. In compliance with The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679, 27 April 2016), personal data is understood as “any information concerning identified or identifiable physical persons.” Personal details that you provide on our website www.creacionesgloria.com, of LICE S.L., will be incorporated into an automatic file and will be used with the strictest confidentiality and only to attend to questions posed by users. Said data will be used exclusively for the purposes of managing our offered services, attending to requests, performing administrative duties, as well as to send technical, commercial, or advertising information by electronic or ordinary means.

II. Additionally, we inform you that by accepting the current Privacy Policy you consent expressly, clearly, and unequivocally that your personal information may be communicated by LICE S.L., understanding that it is set out in an updated manner on the list of the societies of the group, to the effect of facilitating the management and control of the website’s users and your enquiries, as well as to send you information about products or services exclusively related to your sector of activity by various methods.

III: You guarantee that the data provided is accurate, exact, complete, and current, accepting responsibility for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, that could be a consequence of non-compliance of this obligation. In the case that the information supplied belongs to a third party, you guarantee that you have informed said third party of what is contained in this policy and have obtained their authorization to give LICE S.L. their personal data for the above-mentioned purposes.

IV. When the personal data is collected through the form, it will be necessary for you to supply at least those spaces marked with an asterisk, as these are the required fields, that without, LICE S.L. cannot accept nor manage the web service nor the enquiry. The request of services by on-line form may be attended to by those companies in the group that habitually collaborate with LICE S.L., that offer the service required, or could best respond to the request due to their specialization.

V. In response to security concerns, LICE S.L., in order to guarantee the highest level of security and confidentiality, has adopted the level of security required by data protection regulations and has installed the technical methods available to us to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, and theft of personal information obtained through www.creacionesgloria.com.

VI. LICE S.L., uses cookies on our web site solely to optimize and personalize the navigation of the web site; without these cookies being saved on LICE S.L.’s own system of information, database, or personalized navigation profiles on its web site.

VII. In order to execute your rights of transparency, information, access, rectification, suppression, cancellation, purpose limitation, data portability, or to oppose your personal data, write to, with reference “Data Protection,”  the following address: POL. IND. BERRIAIN C/D NAVE 133, 31013, BERRIOPLANO, NAVARRA. When you present your personal information you can express your desire NOT to receive email communications from LICE S.L. by marking the box that indicates your choice. In the case that you do not mark this box, conforming with the established Act 34/2002 of 11 July Services of the Information Society and E-Commerce, in the event that you do not wish to receive future communications from LICE S.L. you can state this fact by email to daniel.lizarraga@creacionesgloria.com.

VIII. All data collected by different forms (either online or in person) fulfill certain principles and rights that guarantee the protection of your personal information in compliance with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulations:

  • Personal data must be fairly, lawfully, and transparently obtained: In all cases, specific express and unequivocal consent will be required in the treatment of all personal information.
  • Personal data must be obtained and processed for specified lawful purposes: Only that information which is strictly necessary to provide the services required will be requested.
  • Personal data shall not be kept for any longer than is necessary: Personal data will only be maintained the amount of time necessary to complete processing purposes.
  • Personal data must be kept safe and secure at all times: All data provided will be treated with the utmost care in order to guarantee its absolute safety and confidentiality.

IX. Personal Information that LICE S.L. manages will be obtained by the following means:

  • Questionnaires on our own web site www.creacionesgloria.com
  • Paper questionnaires
  • Public media such as web pages, noticeboards, etc.

X. The personal information gathered by LICE S.L. is: identification data, contact details, billing information, and academic and/or professional information.

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