Gloria 1 enero, 2020

Download our catalogue. We want you to be happy with your best friend, and we want you to be proud of him at home, when you go for a walk, or when you go out to play. We want happy dogs and happy owners… that’s why we offer you a wide range of the highest quality pet products available. Gloria, the best for your best friend. Download the complete catalog with all brands.

KONG 1 noviembre, 2019

Download our catalogue. Dogs and their owners choose the original KONG and all of our other favourite toys because they’re fun. KONG toys are the best of the best in quality, originality, variety, safety, and value. Give a dog a KONG. They’ll be the first to show you: it’s not just a toy, it’s a KONG

KVP 1 octubre, 2019

Download our catalogue. World’s best e-collars for your pet. Are you tired of your dog having a rough time after a surgery? Tired of other dogs barking at your dog’s e-collar? Tired of your dog’s e-collar breaking your doors and walls or hitting your legs? Do you want him to recover and to sleep well after a surgery? KVP has the best solutions to all of these problems. Choose the e-collar that fits all your requirements.

Nylabone 1 septiembre, 2019

Download our catalogue. American dog toys, to satisfy the chewing instict of your dog. It doesn’t matter the breed, the size, or how hard he chews, … Nylabone will keep him busy for hours!!

Pet Select 1 agosto, 2019

Download our catalogue. Depuis 25 ans Pet Select fabriquent des aliments humides avec les meilleurs ingredients naturels et des recettes traditionnelles.

Vitacoat 1 julio, 2019

Download our catalogue. The choice of champions. The widest range of dog shampoos on the market, made with natural soap and respectful of a dog’s natural PH. The healthy hair and skin of your dog will be your greatest reward.

Chien Chic 1 junio, 2019

Download our catalogue. The best perfumes for your best friend come from Paris. Chien chic and … you will see how your dog smells incredible for days!

Bifull / Perfect Beauty 5 mayo, 2019

Download our catalogue. The best brand of the Spanish hair salons comes to the pet world. Innovative products for the most demanding professionals.

3 Claveles 1 abril, 2019

Download our catalogue. Bueno Hermanos in La Rioja (Spain) manufactures a wide range of scissors and grooming accessories. Products for domestic use and top of the line accessories for the most demanding professionals.

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